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Lalique Eagle Mascot Parfum Flacon Collection 2003 Edition 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum

Lalique Eagle Mascot Parfum Flacon Collection 2003 Edition 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum

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Lalique Eagle Mascot Flacon Collection 2003 Edition

From one bottle to the next, the Lalique men's fragrance world unfolds like a story.

From the Lion's head - The "Mascot" stopper of the first edition in 1997 - to that of the rearing horse passing by the Sagittarius, Phoenix and Faun, each in its own way symbolizes a facet of an exceptional man's character.  For its sixth edition, Lalique has chosen the Eagle as the emblem of its new collector's bottle.  This noble animal, in love with freedom, continues to captivate us with its pure elegance.

Royal and majestic, the Lalique Eagle has suspended its flight just long enough to alight on the bottle stopper, as if to better dominate it.  Legend will have it that his piercing eye had already spotted it a long time ago.  But from the mountain peaks that he made his home, he lay in wait for the right moment in characteristic princely solitude.

Wings half-spread, powerful, proud and independent, he will soar off once again into the blue sky.

But for once, succumbing to the temptation of becoming a collector's item, the Lalique Eagle lets others draw near, determined to win over all those who dream of taming him.  The 2003 flacon collection in solid cut crystal is available in a numbered limited edition.

EQUUS by Lalique: Fresh, Woody, Spicy...

This new flacon collection houses Lalique's latest men's fragrance EQUUS.

After the freshness of noble spices swirled up by wings rustling with cardamom, paradise seeds and juniper berries, after the subtle zest of citrus such as citron and bergamot.

After a flight through the radiant warmth of mace elegantly rounded out by violet leaves...

Here are the authentic notes of a decidedly masculine fragrance that blends the refinement of rare wood, vetiver, amyris and sequoia with the sensuality of a strong base note with slightly leathery and balsam-like effects that fade into an unforgettable trail of subtle musk.

Now the Lalique Pour Homme Eagle will spread its wide wings, fly off to new adventures, and symbolize the exquisite pleasure of using perfume.

  • 2003 Limited Edition
  • Signed and numbered flacon
  • Hand-blown Lalique crystal
  • Made in France


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