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    Messages from AMWF_King:


    Back on PHub, XVids, Twitter, and OnlyAMWF. OnlyAMWF has been a great community to chat, meet, and create content with other male and females. Hope to chat with some of you there. I have my adult content profile as AMWF_King and my trading profile as TraderAMWF_King. I've been trading since 2012 and I guess some of the fans have found out about my "occupation". Talk to you all soon! Come say hello at OnlyAMWF. 



    I hit a million views on PHub in 3 short months! WOW! But - I'm off PHub now and on XVids, but I'm also on



    Thank you all for the continued support! I hope to spread the exposure of AMWF/AMXF further. I don't think there is enough content out there which is really sad. I love AMWF/AMXF and I think it's a beautiful thing!



    Wow, thank you all so much for the support my first month on PH! I can't believe how many people love and enjoy AMWF/Interracial content with a male asian guy. In a short month, I was top 7% model rank and cranked nearly 300k views total on PH! On top of that, I'm just a below average fella! I work a lot so I don't really have time to commit to PH anymore or make an OF. I also think OF is a rip-off to consumers... paying to subscribe and then paying for some dumb 15 second clip! But to each their own right? So I felt like this route was the easiest for me and fair for everyone!!! I hope to meet and chat with some of you who aren't so shy of your privacy on Instagram. But if you are, that's completely fine! I completely understand privacy! I want to say that I get asked about how I meet all of them, at least the ones you've seen LOL. Simply, I get rejected a lot. I'm use to it! I've accepted that I'm not the most handsome fella, I'm not the richest, I'm not the tallest, I'm not a pretty boy, my teeth aren't perfect, my skin isn't perfect, and the list goes on! LOL. This has helped me accept rejection. To me, it's another day of walking through the park! Everyone has their own taste, their own flavor, and their own opinions. For example, some of you who thought the women you saw and fancied (desired) on my public videos, I thought they were on the bottom of my list! LOL. So you see what I mean? So I hope this encourages some of you to not be afraid of rejection, it's just part of life! Thank you again for all your support! If you're a female, hope you CREAM watching these. If you're a guy, I hope you jerk that rod to an epic NUT!



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